tweeVt  (twt)      n.                                                                                                  INTR.V.                                                                 

                     A chirping vote, to nominate / vote on something.            Tweet-Ved, Tweevt-ing, tweevts
                                                                                                                               TO UTTER A VOTING CHIRPING SOUND.

Create your twitter Battles between Nominees and view 

results in real time !!


Sample Battle :  #WorldsBestCitytoLive  ,  vote to see the functionality 


How it works ...

Simple to create a twitter Battle in our system- 

Just send a tweet with a category #hashtags & nominee @handles  :

"RT to Vote #tweeVtBattle :I vote for @anyTwitterUser as  #MyOwnCategory at /.../mypoll"

"RT to Vote #tweeVtBattle :I vote for #aHashtagNominee  as  #MyOwnCategory at /.../mypoll"

Let others Vote through Twitter/Facebook on your Battle-

People vote by tweeting the nominee they support and the link to the specific poll page:

"#tweeVtBattle :I vote for @aTwitterUser in category #MyOwnCategory at"

Utilize the viral power of social Media to Amplify your twitter Battle !

With just Tweets to #tweeVtBattle, in real time you can : 

  • Tweet the vote without coming to a website, OR from the web page , tweet the vote.
  • Create your own voting battle category 
  • Vote/Nominate  in the category
  • All of above with just tweets, did we mention: No Log in to our site,                                                                                                                 actually we don't have Log in system!

You can also use your Facebook login to Vote&Post vote on your wall
  • Once Battle Poll is up, Lets user Vote from the site with Facebook login 

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